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    Materials for Medium and High Pressure EPR Power Cables
    1.Product Names and Types
    Number Product Type Application
    1 90℃35KV high pressure EPR insulation material ZL9111-J The series of materials Can be used for insulation of 1-35kv rubbers sleeve flexible cables
    2 90℃10-20KV medium pressure EPR insulation material ZL9112-J
    3 90℃1-6KV low pressure EPR insulation material ZL9113-J
    4 medium pressure peelable insulation and shielding material ZL9116-PB Can be used for shield of 1-35kv rubbers sleeve flexible cables.
    5 medium and high pressure conductor shielding material ZL9118-P

    2.Product Description
    The materials are of natural color/white color and particle shape, with the basic material of rubber (e.g. EPDM). The hyperoxides are cross-linked mixture of the main vulcanizing system. They can be used in CV (continuous vulcanizing) extrusion product line. The properties are in line with the national standards such as GB 7594-87, GB/T5013-2008, DIN VDE 0207.20, IEC60502, ASTMD2802/2770, ICEAS-68-516 and UL1072, etc.

    2.2 Machining Process
    2.2.1 Drying treatment should be carried out before the production use.
    2.2.2 The CV (continuous vulcanizing) extrusion product line Can be used for production. It is recommended to use screw rods with length-to-diameter ratios between 15:1 and 24:1.
    2.2.3 Before extrusion, clean screw rods to make sure product cleanness. It is suggested to add filter screens with sieve number of 20/40 or 20/60 in front of the die to avoid impurity entering during the extrusion process, and to keep flux pressure in order to obtain good appearance and material compaction.
    2.2.4.Extruding Temp
           Zone 1    Zone 2    Zone 3    Zone 4    Head    die orifice
    ZL9111-J:    75℃            80℃        85℃          85℃           90℃          85℃
    ZL9112-J:   80℃            90℃       95℃           99℃          99℃           95℃
    ZL9113-J:    80℃            90℃       95℃           99℃          99℃              95℃
    ZL9116-PB:   75℃            80℃        85℃          85℃           90℃              85℃
    ZL9118-P:      75℃             80℃       85℃          85℃          90℃           85℃