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    Material Seriers for Thermoplastic Flame retardant Polyethylene Cables
    1.Product Names and Types
    Number Product Type Application
    1 70℃Thermoplastic flame-retardant POE anti-mouse and termite sheath compound ZL1121-HS-Y Can be used for sheaths of power cables with rated
    2 70℃Thermoplastic flame-retardant POE sheath compound ZL1131-H
    3 70℃Thermoplastic high flame-retardant POE sheath compound ZL1131-HG
    4 70℃Thermoplastic high electrical properties flame-retardant POE insulating compound ZL1131-JG
    5 90℃Thermoplastic flame-retardant POE sheath compound ZL1132-H
    6 90℃Thermoplastic flame-retardant POE anti-termite sheath compound ZL1132-HY

    2.Product Description
    The series of products are made of the basic material polyvinyl resin and auxiliaries such as flame retardant and antioxygen, with the process of mixing, plasticizing and pelleting. The materials are cylindrical particles, with smooth surface (impurity free). The particle size is even, without any pores (observed by microscopes). The series of products are of good mechanical, physical, electrical and processing properties. The products can no crackles low temperature (-45℃) embrittlement tests. Special materials can no crackles rat proof and termite proof tests.

    2.2Machining Process
    2.2.1.The compound should dry before use.
    2.2.2..Extruding Temp
    Zone 1:130℃ Zone 2:140℃ Zone 3:150℃ Zone 4:160℃ Zone 5:160℃ Head :165--170