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    About us
    Hebei Zhonglian Polymer Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in the thermal spring city, Xiong County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, and by the lake of Baiyangdian (the Bright Pearl of North China). It is adjacent to Jinbao, Jingshi and Jingkai Expressways, with convenient traffic and beautiful environment.

    Hebei Zhonglian Polymer Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, with the development history of 24 years. There are high-quality management and personnel teams in the company. With independent R&D capability and intellectual property right, it is a technology-intensive enterprise integrated with R&D and production. The production technology of the company is great, i.e. 20000 tons annually. There are more than 30 sets of advanced and complete testing equipment. In particular, the R&D of supporting materials for special cables have reached the advanced level compared with production of the same category internationally, which have made important contributions to import substitution of materials for special cables, the gradual achievement of localization process, and the rapid development of cable industry, especially special cable industry.

    At present, the company has environmentally-friendly cable materials in line with standards at home and aboard (including RoHS) and users’ special requirements. In addition, there are more than 150 varieties (16 categories) of cable materials with special functions and properties such as low smoke, halogen free, inflaming retarding, oil resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, etc. The materials can be widely used in special products in many areas such as motor cars with cutting-edge technology (speed: 350km per hour), ocean-going vessels, high-power wind power generation, solar energy, large aircrafts, nuclear power stations, oil platform and aerospace, etc. We can also research and develop high polymer materials with special properties and functions according to clients’ requirement.

    For many years, the company not only has had the advanced production equipment, improved management, mature process and complete and precise testing equipment in China, but also has tried hard to provide outstanding and perfect services and qualities for clients, with the purpose of Quality Head, Customer First, Technology Innovation and Sustainable Development. The company has received the honor of Top Ten Enterprise of Materials for Electric Wire and Cable Industry in China and Customer Satisfaction Enterprise in Chinese Electric Wire and Cable Industry awarded by China Industrial Information Issuing Center. The company is also the members of China Ordnance Association, Inflaming Retarding Industry Association and Electric Wire and Cable Sub-association of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association as well as the council member of China Isotope and Radiation Association. The company has participated in drafting and making industrial standards of Chinese electric wire and cable industry and the corresponding materials for many times.

    At present, the products researched and developed by the company have been widely used in electric wire and cable products in many areas such as railway construction, rail transit vehicles, ships and warships, high-power wind power generation, solar energy, nuclear power stations, oil platform and aerospace, as well as been successfully used in national major projects such as Capital Airport and Tiananmen extension, etc. The company is the partner of hundreds of large and medium-sized cable companies such as Jiangsu Baosheng Group, Zhongtian Technology Group, Jiangsu Etern Group, Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group, Jiangsu Hengtong Group and Shanghai Cable Works Co., Ltd.

    Lotus leaves are like green jade as far as one can see, and lotus flowers under the sun are especially red. In the past, we made some achievement. However, Zhonglian focuses more on the future. Hebei Zhonglian Polymer Technology Development Co., Ltd. will forge ahead with determination on the market economy road, carry out deploitation and innovations, and work hard to inject new vitality into the industry development.